Mahanoğlu Attorney Partnership is a team of expert lawyers providing legal assistance to their clients in various fields of law.

Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law


Complaints against signature and debt

Value assessment complaints 

Annulment of tender

Property tender

Debt enforcement

Lien of property

Criminal responsibility cases

Property hypothec


Family & Inheritance Law

​Pre-marital agreements

Shared or separate ownership

Family house annotation

Family reunification

Establishment of personal contact

Precautions to protect family

Divorce proceedings

Custody or guardianshıp

Contribution fees

Alimony-compensation cases

Will preparation

Administrative Law and Tax Law

​Annulment of administrative acts​ 

Tax dispute resolution

Employee benefits

Insurance tax

Administrative fines

Tender cases

VAT and other indirect taxes

Construction cases

Administrative contracts

Annulment, Settlement or Reduction of Tax Fines

Tax Crimes

Civil Law & Contract Law

​Compensation for moral and material damages 

Debt cases

Cases concerning the ownership of real estate

Tort law

Labour Law

Dispute Resoulution

Contract Review and Amendments

Work health and accident issues

Compesations and benefits

Determination of the employment

Reinstatement of employment

Social Security Proceedings

Human Rights Law

Individual applications to the Constitutional Court

Individual application to the European Court of Human Rights

Requests for interim measures

Rule 9 Applications

Strategic Litigation


Criminal Law

Criminal Complaints

Compliance review

Investigation Follow-up

Representation before Criminal Courts

Appeal, Annulment and Suspension of Criminal Sanctions

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