Established in 1997, Mahanoglu is one of the largest law firms in Turkey. Our firm advises both national and international clients. Mahanoğlu Attorney Partnership is a team of specialized legal experts operating in various areas of law listed below.

Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

  • ​Complaints against signature and debt

  • Value assessment complaints 

  • Annulment of tender

  • Property tender

  • Debt enforcement

  • Lien of property

  • Criminal responsibility cases

  • Property hypothec

  • Bankruptcy

Family & Inheritance Law

  • ​Pre-marital agreements

  • Shared or separate ownership

  • Family house Annotatıon

  • Precautions to protect family

  • Divorce

  • Custody or guardianshıp

  • Contribution fees

  • Alimony-compensation cases

  • Testament

International Human Rights Law

  • Individual Application to the Constitutional Court of Turkey

  • Individual Application to the European Court of Human Rights

Tax Law

•Annulment, Settlement or Reduction of Tax Fines

•Tax Crimes

Civil Law & Contract Law

  • ​Compensatıon for moral and material damages 

  • Debt cases

  • Cases concerning the ownership of real estate

  • Tort law

Labour Law

  • Receivables of the employee

  • Determination of the employment

  • Re-employment

  • Social security Law

Criminal Law

  • ​Assize court cases

  • Cases before a criminal court of general jurisdiction

  • Investigation procedure

Administrative Law

  • ​Annulment of administrative acts

  • Administrative fines

  • Tender cases

  • Constructıon cases

  • Administrative contracts